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About the tower crane wire rope

The steel wire rope of the tower crane continuously passes through the pulley rope groove and the drum on the steel wire rope of the crane, and the steel wire rope should be checked regularly. When the crane hoisting mechanism is working. To be subjected to loads such as pulling, squeezing, friction, torsion, etc. At the same time, following the repeated action of bending and squeezing along with the tower crane wire rope through a series of pulleys, fatigue wire breakage will appear, coupled with wear and rust and other Factors aggravate the development of wire rope broken wire. Therefore, the crane wire rope should be visually inspected once a week, and a comprehensive and in-depth detailed inspection should be carried out every month. A few broken wires should be properly handled to prevent the broken wires from breaking other wires. . The steel wire rope is an important part in the lifting mechanism. Under the condition of ensuring the manufacturing quality, the use factor has a great influence on the service life of the steel wire rope. Otherwise, the wire rope will diverge during winding on the drum, thereby reducing the service life of the wire rope.

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